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Tile adhesive and Tile Joint Fillers

Tile Adhesive
Tile Adhesive is a grey cement based materials & coarse powder fixing tiles on the floor. The factors that contribute to a widespread demand for our tile adhesives include:
In our adhesive products, you can readily find adhesives that can improve your product qualities, manufacturing processes and finishings. Our wide range of adhesives includes convenient spray adhesives, anaerobic, instant adhesives, structural adhesives, epoxies, acrylic, urethane, polyurethane reactives and hotmelts.

Tile Joint Fillers

Polymer Range Of Tile Joint Fillers
It is a single part high degree of hardness, calibrated and smooth finish that is suitable for high resistance grouting from 1 mm to 12mm on all horizontal and vertical surface with complete range of tiles and stones. It is thixotropic has a wide range of colours and finishes. The heavy research by engineers for innovations via market feedback has made polymer joint fillers like PERMA C-TONE FILLER / PERMA K-TONE GROUT architect’s choice and user’s pride. The range of colours are developed to match all moods of colours band including classic Indian,Victorian, contemporary.

Epoxy Range Of Tile Joint Fillers
It is a state of grouting material of highest quality that provides aesthetic effect and durability. It perfectly prevents stains, spillage chemical attack in filled groove thickness of tiles and stones.

PERMA R-TONE FILLER / PERMA R POXY is thixotropic two part epoxy based formulation having excellent resistance to wear and European choice special sheen affect which makes it a darling choice of consultant fraternity. It is suitable for residential and commercial installations including those with hygiene control, damp and wet environments.
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Perma Peak Perma R-Poxy Perma R-Poxy        
Perma Peak Perma R-Poxy PERMA SUPER CLADEX        


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