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We are the authorised distributor of Dow Corning, who is a global leader in Silicon-based technology and Innovation, providing over 7,000 performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide. Dow Corning India Pvt. Ltd. serves customers across India and South Asia in diverse industries such as CONSTRUCTION, Automotive, Engineered Elastomers (Silicone rubbers), Textiles, Pulp & Paper, Food and Beverages and many others.

In Dow Corning along with the products we offer PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES (PMS). It will also be a testimony for the customer to know the quality workmanship of his job and a checkpoint which we are giving free of cost.  Finally it is supported by industrial friendly performance warranty for 10 years.

The driving force behind PMS is to bring forth:

  • Quality workmanship &
  • Awareness to qualitative glazing in projects

We always recommend:

  • The print review before the project, which enable us to understand what product and how  much bite (silicone sealant qty) to be used for best results.
  • Lab tests for adhesion & compatibility of the different substrates.
  • If primer is required before silicone sealant application.
  • Site preparation for glazing.
  • Training for the silicone applicator before project starts.
  • Deglazing at regular intervals. Before installation of the 1st glass it is very important to  confirm if the adhesion is OK or not LEED certify products.

Dow Corning products fulfill the volatile organic content (VOC) criteria set by IS as well as International LEED’s standards. For more than 60 years, Dow Corning Corporation has provided the construction industry with ground breaking solutions – from the industry’s first silicone structural glazing sealant to non-staining sealant technology for aesthetically sensitive substrates. Dow Corning offers a reliable, worldwide supply of top-quality silicone adhesives, sealants, coatings and chemicals for applications from structural glazing to weatherproofing, plus a full range of construction project support services. Quality-conscious architects, contractors and building owners around the globe depend on Dow Corning for innovative technology, proven performance, outstanding technical support and one of the most extensive warranty systems in the industry

Products Used:
DC 995 DC 795 DC 789 DC 688


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